Nokia Picture Recovery

Today, Nokia is one of the leading brands of cell phones that are gaining popularity in the market. These cell phones are preloaded with many applications and other features using which the user can perform various tasks with much ease. Almost all the major cell phones that are released by company are equipped with cameras and have support for memory card storage. Using this storage media the user can save those pictures in the device and view them whenever they want. As accidental loss of data has become quite common, those pictures that are saved in the device may get deleted and you will be left with nothing but an empty folder with no pictures in it. Need not worry! Those pictures are not permanently deleted and hence can be recovered effectively by using the services of photo recovery tool. This software is loaded with deep scanning engines which allow you to get back all the deleted image files in no time and you can easily undelete pictures from Nokia.

Some of the reasons which lead to the deletion of pictures from Nokia Cell Phone are:

  • Abrupt Removal: Abruptly removal of the card from the cell phone while viewing pictures sometimes cause deletion of the image files from it. Only way to recover photos from it using picture recovery tool.
  • Interruption during File Transfer: Interruption during the process of transfer of files from the system to the device causes deletion of pictures. Hence care should be taken that there is no interruption during the file transfer process else there will be loss of photos.
  • Use of Delete Option: Use of the delete option by mistake while previewing the image files from memory card of your Nokia cell when it is connected to your system causes permanent deletion of the data from it as it do not get redirected to the Recycle Bin or Trash folder. This simple human error leads to huge loss of data; therefore you must be careful while pressing the delete key present on the keyboard when media card is connected to the system.

This photo recovery application has been equipped with advanced scanning algorithms to rescue all the image files that are deleted from the Nokia cell phone. This software developed with unique graphical user interface scans the entire drive in no time and returns with all the photos that were deleted from the device as result of various scenarios. This tool can easily identify all types of image files that are present in the Nokia cell phone based on the size of the files, some of the unique names that are associated with them, different file extensions that are used and so on. With the help of this tool, you can also find deleted photos on your computer and see here how to perform this task using the recovery software. You can use the “Save Recovery Session” option that is the most advanced feature of this tool which helps you to stop the recovery process at any point of time and resume it at later stage. You need not scan the entire drive again but just select the saved file and resume it from where you had stopped.

Recycle Bin is the folder where all the files that are deleted from the system are stored just in case the user needs an access to those files. Unknowingly you might empty all the files that are present in recycle bin folder to create more disk space and end up in losing valuable information. Need not worry! This is not the permanent loss of your files. Using the services of bin recovery application you can get back files from recycle bin.

Android version of cell are becoming rapidly more popular because of their unique features. Due to certain reasons the pictures present in the device get deleted or lost. Go to this page to know how to recover those deleted pictures.

Follow the guide lines to get back deleted pictures from Nokia:

1. Install the application tool in the system, connect the device and run the recovery application from the system. Click on “Recover Pictures” from the main screen of the tool to begin with the restore process.

Undelete Pictures from Nokia - Main Screen

Figure A. Main Screen

2. In the next screen click on “Recover Deleted Photos” to get back all the pictures that were deleted from the devices memory card.

Undelete Pictures from Nokia -Restore Deleted Photos

Figure B. Selection Screen

3. After selecting the drive begin the scanning process and save selected photos to a safer location.

Undelete Pictures from Nokia -Save

Figure C. Save

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Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7),
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