How to Get Back Deleted Pictures From SD Card?

SD card is also known as secure digital card, which is majorly developed by SanDisk, Panasonic and Toshiba. It is usually used in portable electronic devices. An SD card is a small flash memory card designed to provide a high data storage capacity in a small size. It is used in several electronic gadgets like digital cameras, mobile phones, camcorders, PDAs, media players, GPS receivers, etc. But the media files like photos stored on the SD card are very easy to lose. Most of the devices have a delete button, which is easily accessible to the user. Therefore, accidentally pressing this button may cause the loss of precious photos from your SD card.

Have you ever mistakenly deleted photos, videos or music files from your SD card? Can you believe it is possible to recover those deleted images? Probably you will say no, but the real answer is yes. You can perform SD card photo recovery easily, using third party tool like picture recovery tool. No matter the system you are using is running with Windows or Mac OS, you can find deleted pictures on SD card by connecting it to the system. You can read here to get more information about deleted picture recovery from Windows Recycle Bin.

Things you need to remember for successful recovery

  • Once you realized the precious photos were deleted from your SD card, immediately stop using the card.
  • Remove the SD card from the device in which you are using it and keep it in a safe place.
  • Do not perform any task on the card such as format, edit data, etc.
  • Do not save new data until the deleted photos are recovered from it.

Why the deleted photos are recoverable?

From the technical point of view, the deleted or formatted data is not erased permanently from the SD card. They just become inaccessible to you and they can be accessed using the right application. The photo is still retained on the sectors of SD card, even after it is deleted. As long as these deleted things are not overwritten with fresh data, it is certainly possible to let those files come alive with photo recovery software. Apart from commonly used photo file formats, it is also possible to recover RAW images. One can read here for a complete information on RAW image recovery.

Common scenarios of photo deletion

  • Accidentally pressing “Delete All” button in the camera
  • Mistakenly deleting photos using delete button from the mobile phone
  • Accidentally formatting a memory card, etc

No matter, how your photos were deleted from the SD card, the recovery software can bring back all pictures quickly and easily. This software is designed with the inbuilt recovery modules, which makes it possible to restore all types of deleted photos. The photos which are compatible with this application are like JPEG, JPG, PNG, BMP, TIF, TIFF, etc. Even the raw images can also be recovered from different brands of digital cameras. It also supports to recover pictures from android phone memory card. You can use this software effectively on the popular file systems like FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, etc. You can also evaluate photo recovery results before purchasing this software, using the demo version. The demo version of this software allows you to view the recoverable photos.

Procedure to get back deleted photos from SD card

Step1: First connect your SD card to the system, where this software was installed. Then click on the “Recover Photos” option from the main window as shown in Fig A.

Find Deleted Pictures On SD Card - Main Screen

Fig A. Main Screen

Step2: Now click on “Recover Deleted Photos” option and from the next window select your memory card. Then continue with the “Next” option as shown in Fig B.

Find Deleted Pictures On SD Card - Select Memory Card

Fig B. Select Memory Card

Step3: Finally, you will get the list of recovered photos, which you can view by clicking on “Preview” tab as shown in Fig C.

Find Deleted Pictures On SD Card - Preview Photo

Fig C. Preview Photo

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